It is national election season again and all the pundits and politicians are bellowing about jobs, jobs, jobs. I don’t have a job. I am looking for one but to no avail. I live in Florida,  a strange land where people expect to have a robust job market when half of the population are about to push up daisies. Plus most of the minorities are either locked up, ex-felons or illegal immigrants. But yet politicians want a rosy job market. Say, we get a large number of people back to work. Would that solve anything? I don’t believe for one second that fix would solve the under-lining problem most Americans have. They spend money they don’t have, they want quick money without expending the energy to earn it, and they are flat-out lethargic workers. Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your might, a wise man once said.
When was the last time you walked away thoroughly pleased from a place of business in the service industry? I can’t honestly remember. I find customer service workers  in Florida to be ghastly and ill-tempered. Their bad mood is very viral. People can have access to jobs but are we seriously going to believe that will bring happiness, peace and satisfaction? When will politicians understand that a steady job does not guarantee happiness. Most people who have jobs struggle to feel content with them. They barely do their jobs with all their might. One would think receiving a paycheck and having a steady job would galvanize people to work harder and better. But it does not.
I find it fruitless for people clamoring for more jobs. I don’t have a job but I am content with my life. I am still alive. I spend time with my family. Money is low but I still eat decent meals and I find time to enjoy myself. I find that I appreciate the little things in life better. I believe whichever job I get now, I will work hard and try to do my best because I am content with myself long before I start working. I will work not because I am receiving a pay check.  That is not my motivation. I will work and do my utmost best because I want to leave a good impression each day. Whatever you find yourself doing work-wise, do it to the best of your ability. America needs more content people who are willing to work not because of their paychecks but because they are more interested in excellent service, job satisfaction and massive productivity. Isn’t it ironic the politicians who are bellowing about jobs aren’t doing theirs?