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The Elephant in America’s Room is the Republican Party..

I have heard it said, “I can’t see how black people can vote Republican.” Well, a few names pop up: Alan Keyes, Allen West, Herman Cain and Michael Steele. These distinguished public figures are somewhat of a laughing-stock because the public rarely takes them seriously when they decide to run for a high office in government. They are  successful in their own way but they also come off as a token black Republican to pander to black voters.

The Republican party once had a lot of clout and social relevance. I am black and I would vote Republican if the party wasn’t so irrelevant today. A trip back in the past would show, they were ardent abolitionists. Historically, the Republican party saw slavery as a great scourge to society they had to eradicate (Paraphrased Wikipedia).

But fast forward to now and one can’t help but see scores of bone heads hijacking the Republican party. The Republican party was once a party of big ideas. Now they grovel around looking for bits of  their former self. They are just keeping up appearances.They used to believe the role of government shouldn’t stifle the populace but rather it should engender a robust populace free to amplify the benefits of this democratic experiment. The Republican party has become one filled with a bunch of whiners who are always quick to cry foul. They are like that little kid playing baseball who gets upset because he can’t hit the ball far or at all.

How did this happen? It happened gradually after the Republican party chose to adjust its progressive thinking, hard work ethic, its true pro-liberty and pro business roots to join hands with the religious right-wing groups in America, who championed Prohibition and fought against other so-called ghastly social vices.  How significant was this shift? Well they lost the black vote after they showed very little interest in the Civil Rights Act. I have a problem with those who seek to attribute intelligence or intrinsic worth to skin color. That is a clear sign he or she is bat shit ludicrous. Slavery has been around forever. It is just a matter of fact that the conqueror usually will lord over the conquered, but in America’s case that wasn’t the play. Most states supported the systematic enslavement of black people for wage free labor. If America had went to fight wars in Africa and they lost a lot and in their victory, they collected the ‘spoils’ as  payment for their troubles, that’s what previous winning sides did during and after warfare. I still don’t get it. Why did the Republican party do a 180 from their roots and ultimately became the party of God who joined hands with said right-wing groups to campaign to legislate morality?

I agree, slavery is a moral evil.  In the US, a war erupted over it. The Civil War would not have happened if blacks were free and they received wages. The war erupted in defense of the constitution. The constitution granted general liberty to all within the boundaries of the United States. The legislation that followed to abolish slavery was just, the Democratic party then, consisted of moral sloths and intellectual knaves. I can’t speak with authority for the enslaved but as for me, I wouldn’t want to do the bidding of others without my say so. So there aren’t any clear correlation between slavery and other social vices like drinking alcohol. He who drank then did so for his own personal consumption, I can argue he wasn’t hurting anyone but himself, save for the poor wife or mistress to whom he took it out on. But holding another human being against his will is down right shameful. Moral legislation should never infringed on another person’s pursuit to do what he pleases as long as he is not harming anyone. Moral legislation is quite simple if you kill someone or injure him you will be held responsible. Your behavior shouldn’t put another soul at risk. Why did the Republicans depart from this?

The Republican party made its shameful departure from standing up for the downtrodden to joining hands with the ever-increasing act-like-the-puritans, fringe groups in American society. Said groups desired to impose the sensitivities of their conscience on others and they were keen on dictating how a person must conduct himself both in public and private. The party now felt it was their solemn duty to argue for a biblical-inspired totalitarian view that the government has something to say about every facet of its citizen’s social life. How did they end up there? Thomas  Jefferson promulgated the idea of republicanism which is best demonstrated by the devotion to one’s civic duties and to fight against cronyism or any kind of aristocratic self entitlement bullshit (Paraphrased Wikipedia).

So here we go again. The Republican party has lost their way so much . They make feeble attempts to court minority voters. Their efforts look pathetic and out of touch. They rally around big corporations not in support of American businesses but rather to shore up support for their political efforts.  It is obvious they are an irrelevant party. They support stupid gun laws like Stand Your Ground. They shout out in maddening unison about one’s right to bear arms. The right is not solely to bear arms for the sake of it, but to protect one’s property and family. They stir up so much noise about contraceptives and sexual promiscuity. Opponents aren’t saying they completely disagree. They are just saying look people have to live with their choices and Republicans sure as hell can’t offer vicarious redemption. If Republicans can cover a multitude of ‘sins’ and can do X,Y & Z fine! But other than that, People should decide what’s right for them. Personal liberty was a major tenet in Republicanism. But not so anymore. Most republicans are serfs of their own ideologies. Just look at their recent soon-to-be presidential nominee. The guy has not even been given the official stamp of approval. He doesn’t fit that ‘true’ Republican standard. Therefore they don’t trust him.

The sad thing is the Republican party failed to produce a viable candidate against Obama. Absolutely sad. The candidates who came forward were laughable. The women candidates don’t have a frontal lobe. The men were all predictable-idealistic-wanna-be-pedagogical-windbags. The one remaining candidate to emerge is Romney; a man for all season except spring. Like summer he is unbearable most of time and the only positive note to the sun I can muster is that he is always looking good and he beams bright with wealth. Like fall, he is the harbinger for the worst that is yet to come–winter. And of course like winter, he is cold, rigid and most people can’t tolerate him. He is not a winsome character. He is like a stiff corpse or more like an awkward white guy at a hip hop party. His religion is creepy, it sends chills up the spine  like that cold winter breeze in Massachusetts. Romney is no spring. He will not breathe life into the party. Winter is here again and it’s here to stay Republicans.

Republicans lost their mojo alright. They have certainly disappointed the Godfather Mr. Honest Abe. He was the one who heralded and projected the party to prominence. But sadly he was later gunned down. I guess in all fairness his death shook up the party. Maybe the Republicans experienced disarray because they didn’t recuperate properly after Lincoln’s death. They completely lost their identity. It seems the Democratic South the once backward and useless  party inverted their role and exchanged it with the theirs. The Democrats bulldozed America’s political landscape with their champion Mr. F. Roosevelt; the new lovable face of America after Lincoln. After Lincoln’s untimely tenure, the Republicans  have searched for their King Arthur. Eisenhower and Nixon certainly weren’t him. They completely screwed their chances. And of course we fast forward to Mr. Reagan. An old man who spent his latter days in the White House trying to open jars. By the way, was he Lincoln’s replacement? I hope not. Some Republican pundits seem to get a boner just talking about Reagan’s legacy but they claim ignorance about the Iran-Contra fiasco.

Dare I chant my title again, the elephant in America’s room is the Republican party for they lost their identity. As a result, they’ve begun the quest to find that one right candidate to mirror the life of Abraham Lincoln.  The Democrats despite their ghastly beginnings  pulled it off in Franklin Roosevelt, Harry-the if you can’t stand the heat you better get out of the kitchen-Truman, JFK and Bill Clinton. With that list aside back to the Republican party. If what the pundits are saying is true about Romney that he is a flip flopper. Maybe they ought to change his nickname to chameleon.  Should he win the election the Republican party shouldn’t worry. He must now morph into the ideal candidate. Romney must know what kind of president the Republican party wants and he must stay that way.

The Seven Deadly Sins of the Child-Welfare System.

Who would have thought the Catholic church’s arbitrary list of sins could inspire someone? Well it did! It inspired me to write this tell-all on the child-welfare system. Our child-welfare system is not a metaphysical thought that’s devoid of shape, form or reality. It is not an absurd idea like the War on Drugs or the War on terror. It is an actual system with real people and responsibilities. But it is a severely broken and bloated one. So I coin the term the actual War on the Child-Welfare System.

The forthcoming list of The Seven Deadly Sins of the Child-Welfare System are my observations. I have been studying the facts. I have witnessed these sins of commission and omission. I did not pull them out from a dark place. I heard some people verify their validity; therefore, I am compelled to share them with you.

1. Incompetency. You don’t have to wait too long to spot this one in the open. Most people who work for the child-welfare system use a-one-size-fits-all approach to their daily responsibilities. I submit they are incompetent because most of the parents they serve are delinquent. When they meet parents who are sharp they hardly know how to handle themselves. Most caseworkers are not versed in the knowledge of state laws and statues. They frequently violate them. Though they will adhere to some basic policies and rules of their respective agency; they lose their footing when faced with situations and scenarios that do not fit the norm. They are incompetent because they can not adapt well. They aren’t versatile and knowledgeable.  They make terrible mistakes and expect another agency or the court to gloss over them.

2.Apathy. It is no secret that some jobs wrought and enveloped in misery make people miserable. Child Protection Investigative Services and child advocates are some of the most apathetic people you’ll run into. And why not? I presume ninety percent of the families they deal with have nothing nice to say to them and I’m sure an expletive package is always sent their way. Who needs that?  But let’s beg this question. Why pursue a job or career if you haven’t counted the cost? A job in child-welfare care is a calling. It is about self-sacrifice. Soldiers, doctors definitely know what I’m talking about. It would behoove an advocate or an investigator to go into another line of work where issues of the heart are not important to them. I stand firm saying most advocates, child-welfare workers are apathetic and some of them who started out  feeling excited about their career outlook may change their sunny disposition for the worse over time. The job is draining but the poor kids don’t need someone to add more misery to what they’ve already.

3.Wantonness. Child-welfare agencies do not fight fair when they run into parents who dare to defy their directives or recommendations. They will bring down fire and brimstone on parents who insist they are innocent of the allegations against them, that the government cannot tell them how to raise their kids or to decline services. Child-welfare agencies can be deliberately malicious and callous. They are known to fabricate narratives and produce false witnesses to discredit parents who seek to undermine them. Most parents find themselves drained financially, spiritually, physically and psychologically. Child welfare agencies are very good at soliciting the help of other governmental entities ‘to gang up’ on parents, overwhelm and ‘pummel’ them to a pulp until the parents consent to the recommendations or just simply concede.

4. Corruption. One assumes that our nation’s most vulnerable and broken children would be taken care of and for the most part would be shielded from the ill behavior and corruptible influences of society. But no sir! Kids who enter the foster care system do so at their own peril. It is a terrible place to traverse. The people who supervise them seem to think the only reason they are there is to make sure the kids do not eat each other. And as long as that doesn’t happen everything else is excusable and peachy. Sadly, most young people who go through our nation’s child welfare system become the very scourge society clamors to punish. I’ll even say emphatically that most kids in foster care are groomed to be wayward and untrustworthy. Our child-welfare system is a corruptible place and the kids there are very lucky if they leave unscathed or morally intact.

5.Indolence. I think I am preaching to the choir when I say that governmental entities are all sloths. We are used to a slow-moving government. We long for the day when most government services are efficient. Child-welfare agencies love to drag their feet. Let’s say a Senate committee wants information about how they are utilizing the money to alleviate certain child-welfare problems or let’s say they are being investigated. They are almost always reluctant to cough up the requested information. Parents notice that child advocates are very swift to produce paperwork for them to sign but are very lazy to do mandatory supervised visitations. Simply put, child-welfare agencies are always reluctant to play ball when the parents or outside parties want things done for their benefit. Said agencies will drag their feet when it is evident said requested things could make them look bad or culpable.

6.Extortion. I think it is safe to say only cold, calculating and malicious people would extort responses from parents by using their kids as bargaining chips. Child-welfare agencies are good at extorting responses and actions from parents. It doesn’t matter how undeserving a parent is, one should not stoop so low to keep knocking him down when he’s already abased. Parents are loaded with emotions especially after their children were wrested out of their care and sheltered by the  dependency court system . One would think they would be excused to gather themselves, but no! Child advocates and those who work for child-welfare entities swoop in for the kill. They are like sharks. To them, that is the optimal moment to strike the parents when they are the most vulnerable. The juvenile court system does not help parents for that matter. They operate on the preconceived notion basis.  Again whatever the circumstances surrounding a child being taken from the parents; it is wrong to use the children as bargaining chips to get parents to comply. I say, the next time child-welfare entities are faced with this decision; they might as well just put an AK-47 in the kids’ hands and tell them to kill their parents like the warlords do.

7.Immorality. I am disgusted when I see child-welfare agencies go to great lengths to fabricate documents, obtain personal information without a court order, being petty, fib during depositions or while on the stand, take cover behind immunity clauses, punish fit parents but laud unfit ones who consign to their plans, accept filthy lucre (money) off the backs of broken kids, call themselves faith-based community-lead-care agencies and placate their walls with lofty promises, goals and objectives but knowingly fall short to live up to them. Child-welfare entities are immoral in the truest sense because they make money from misery. Decent people swiftly denounced and ostracized those who’d earned a living from those who suffered during the Nazi occupation. We  should do likewise. Please denounce the heartless  child-welfare workers who just show up to collect their paycheck. They lack compassion. Me thinks most of the kids in foster care have no one to look up to because like I said, most of the people who work for child-welfare agencies are immoral. No wonder, most child-welfare agencies are compelled to solicit the help of volunteers namely church folks and  people with a heart to come and mentor the kids. It is a sad state when they can’t find anyone within their organizational sphere whose moral compass is pointing north. Here, here for the volunteers who are the very few candle lights in an immensely dark place.

There, I have written them. The Seven Deadly Sins of the Child-Welfare System. My beef is strictly with the system in Florida. I know I am not alone. I believe families in the other forty nine states can attest to my thoughts too. It is a shame how devastating the system is. The government continues to ignore the biggest elephant in the world. I know why, the system has to implode first before anyone takes notice. The citizenry must demonstrate against it before they’ll act. Honestly, it would too late by the time the government does something about the child-welfare system. The government’s actions are usually conciliatory. A mere band-aid patch used to reconcile the public’s concern in the hopes they’ll calm down. Then later we’d eventually end up back to square one. I, for one, am just a simpleton voicing his concern and calling a spade a spade. I say the government must either put up or shut up. Addressing this problem should be seen entirely as a black and white issue, either they fix it completely or admit to moral failure. Dear Mr. Government, it’s no longer expedient to embrace inaction anymore, it’s time to be proactive and do something constructive about our failing child-welfare system.

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