This film was Jim Carrey’s debut on the drama scene. Clearly fans from his In Living Color and Ace Ventura days probably couldn’t stomach him not being the slap-stick comedic genius that he is.

The Truman Show is a must see movie. If you enjoy a good satirical-comedy-drama then this movie is a great rep of that genre. The overall movie setting primarily depicts the American 1950’s life. It does this masterfully while masking a completely different world behind the scenes. You can draw parallel life application from it in this way: you are being watched.

The world as you know it is not what it seems. Your perception is not sacrosanct.   You must trust your instincts, question conventional wisdom, push the envelop and you’ll discover a whole new world waiting out there for you. This movie shows an hapless soul who suspected the world as he knows it is not real.

He embarks on an aimless quest to get to the bottom of it. Of course, what better way to do this than to have love guide you? I don’t want to be all sappy now. Just watch the damn movie and see for yourself. Do you like a proper character development? Then do yourself a favor and watchThe Truman Show.

Do you believe in biblical inerrancy or evolution? Inherit The Wind is an old classic. The movie is about the Scopes Trial. A duel between two great minds: Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan both were played by fictional characters Henry Drummond and Matthew Harrison Brady respectively. This movie sets a precedent in film making. It covered a significant point of reference in history. Avid movie goers should take note, this movie is not only packed with intense dialogues, passionate emotions but it is also very educational. If you cherish the pursuit of knowledge and you love education then this is a must see. It does not matter on which side you reside. If you are religious or a naturalist, this film is timeless. Today there is an ongoing debate happening in America: should intelligent design be taught in schools along with evolution? Some thought the actual trial of 1925 had settled that question but it didn’t. Inherit The Wind portrayal of said trial is fantastic so make yourself comfortable and go back in time and watch a classic.

Do you want to laugh so hard until your own glee drugs you? Then watch this movie. The Farrelly brothers definitely whacked this comedy out of the ball park for a home run. Do you like a little bit of irreverence? A no-holds-bar-approach-to-comedy? Tired of comedies that tread too softly? You won’t be of this one. It is even worth watching again if you already did. Feeling down, well Dr. comedy has a prescription for you; there is this effective laughing drug name There’s Something About Mary it will be good for you.

Word to my mother, this flick is tight. A true depiction of what really goes down in some black communities.  Boyz N The Hood displays a near perfect dichotomy between two brothers one on the road to success and the other a gang member. The movie is simply dope. The Library of Congress labels it as ‘culturally significant’ (Wikipedia). Movies mostly don’t paint life in practical and real pictures but Boyz N The Hood certainly does.

O yes! Pulp Fiction is off the chain. Do you like Quentin Tarantino? This is one of his best flicks to date. It’s filled with crafty but hilarious banter and complex characters.  Do you like some violence? Pulp Fiction came out in 1994 and even though the level of violence was over the top, the violence displayed does not get in the way of the story. This is not a careless movie. It is worth watching especially if you like dark comedies. Please watch it again if you like.

Guys, 300 is non-stop kick ass action movie. Fantasy action or not, 300 is worth watching. There are some must see action sequences and the story line is pretty good too if you are into ancient Greek history.  There are some one-liners worth repeating. The over the top display of abs would probably enthrall ladies. But that aside, watch this movie because it is the first feature of its kind. It paved the way for a new genre of films in which style and visuals sort of trump characterization. This is not a bad thing if the movie promoters are honest about the movie’s contents.

One word–epic.  Some movies shouldn’t even dare to pass the 2 hour mark. Braveheart did and it ended too quickly. The story is awesome. The action is terrific. And the ending? You’d have to watch it to know for yourself.

I am not going to spend a lot of time convincing you about this one. The Last Samurai is the first film I saw that meticulously developed a character. I believed Tom Cruise’s character became a samurai. The action is intense. Sometimes your visual cortex needs stimulating and this movie would surely do it.

Mission Impossible paved the way for top of the line spy action thrillers. Before, we had James Bond. But Ethan Hunt sets a higher bar. The stunts are unbelievable. The plot is thick alright. Three other films came out after this one to form a franchise but where would they be without a firm foundation? Mission Impossible deserves a sit down, some food, your favorite liquid and a chunk of your time.

There are plenty reasons to hate some people. This movie does its fair share of making sure you do just that. The lion share of your hatred will probably target the Confederate side rather than the Union one. Both participants were on opposing sides during the American Civil War. Andersonville is a horrifying story about Union POW soldiers who ended up turning on each other instead of hatching plans to go free or out best their captors. It shows mankind at their lowest. If you want your sanguine juice to run on low then watch this while at the same time, you have to wait patiently for the underdogs to triumph.

As for biopics, this is my favorite. Ray Charles is a legend. Jamie Foxx did a hell of a job portraying him. He won an Oscar too. The casting was perfect. After watching this, you will feel like you know Ray Charles personally.

I don’t particular enjoy being caught off guard in life generally speaking. But I make exceptions for movies because I rarely stumble upon flicks that catch me off guard. I feel safe knowing that it rarely happens. However, there were a few movies to do this: the first was The Sixth Sense and A Beautiful Mind. Then of course, Fight Club came out and joined the lot. Movies that cause you to say “Wow!” They are worth watching. I dig Fight Club and so should you.

Hands down The Bourne Identity is a sophisticated, smart and an adventurous-action packed movie. The soundtrack is awesome. The film maker took extreme care to present a world that is unknown to the average person and he demonstrated it with such craft, it makes the movie goer feel he is Jason Bourne and that the scales have fallen from his eyes. You will watch this movie and think that you can pull of the same things as Jason Bourne. Watch away and be sure to take in the other movies in the series.

One cannot have a list of favorite movies without a great war film in it too. Needless to say, I fell for this one, because I was born on the fourth of July and the title resonated with me. Beyond that, this movie covered the awful story of a soldier who got back from the Vietnam war and it showed how miserable and lost he was. Again Tom Cruise puts out his best and he played his part well. This is worth watching even though the Vietnam war was not one of America’s proudest conflicts.

This movie made science-fiction movies sexy again. Okay maybe the word sexy sounds strange coming from me. How about wicked? That is more like it. I was intrigued with Neo. The character development in The Matrix is top notch. The villain is a bit annoying but his somewhat indestructible nature works well for the story and for a good battle between the forces of good and evil. Before you watch another Sci-Fi movie, please watch this one first if you haven’t already.

In a nutshell, if a movie can make you sit down for over two and half hours and makes you root for the success of an Italian mob family then it is worth watching. The Godfather is a compelling account of a man who came from nothing and started a mob empire through grit and bloodshed. The characters will grow on you. The movie was so good they had to continue the story. Just watch it and re-watch again.

Thanks for reading my blog. Perhaps you have seen all of these movies or just some. They are great movies. You won’t waste your brain cells watching any of them–trust me.